Celebrating Unity: Inside the Vibrant National Conference for Indigenous Women’s Rights Day-1
2024-02-13 17:01:37
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On 12th July 2023: The momentous occasion unfolded as the National Conference on “Indigenous Women’s Rights and Leadership at the Policy Level” commenced its journey. With great honor, we welcomed Federal and Provincial Level Representatives from all over Nepal.

A brief but meaningful Puja ceremony was initiated, led by Vice-Chair, Yasso Kanti Bhattachan, as participants collectively invoked blessings for the success of the conference.

Resource persons, and experts in their respective fields, delivered thought-provoking speeches on the significant themes of the conference, including the Right to Self-Determination and Effective Tools to Safeguard the Rights of Indigenous Women.

Amidst the busy schedule, moments of respite emerged, allowing participants to engage in heartfelt conversations, and bond over refreshing tea, delectable snacks, and nourishing meals. As the sun descended, the day saw a colorful ending with “Solidarity Night.” It was an enchanting celebration, a jubilant tapestry of colors, music, and dance that embodied the unity and indomitable spirit of all Indigenous Communities.