Indigenous women of Nepal face multiple forms of discrimination. Indigenous women, being indigenous peoples, face racial, linguistic, religious, cultural, economic, political discrimination and exclusion. Also, indigenous women, being women, face gender discrimination. Thus, indigenous women are victimized by ideologies, policies and practices of Bahunbad (Brahmanism) and patriarchy. Empowerment and strengthening of indigenous women is a must to end all forms of racial and gender discrimination, exploitation, suppression and oppression against indigenous women. Acceptance of multi-caste and ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural reality of Nepali society by the people’s movement of 1990 has indeed paved a way for non-governmental organizations to contribute for empowerment and strengthening of indigenous peoples, women and other excluded groups and communities. There was growing realization for a need of organized efforts by indigenous women to make development programs for women and indigenous peoples successful, to organize and empower indigenous women from local to national levels on common issues of women, and to work for equity and equality by having common objectives on women’s common issues. It was in this backdrop that the National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) was founded in 1998.




Chepang Women of Aadhamaara get Integrated Pest Managment training

Chepang women of Aadhamaara in Gajuri Rural Municipality in Dhading district were provided Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training. Under this training, Chepang women were...


Indigenous Learning Resource Center (ILRC) is an initiative of National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF), a premium national NGO dedicated to protect and promote the rights and dignity of indigenous women in Nepal.

The overall objective of the ILRC is to provide an authentic space to improve recognition of the richness of indigenous traditional skills, knowledge and culture and showcase indigenous knowledge and culture based products in Nepal.

This initiative is in progress with the following key activities as the inception of the ILRC:

  1. Providing a rental space to learn, showcase and recognize the richness of indigenous skills, traditional knowledge and culture,
  2. Producing introductory brochures and documentaries of the selected 10 endangered and highly marginalized indigenous peoples of Nepal,
  3. Collecting various printed materials of the selected 10-endangered and highly marginalized indigenous peoples of Nepal, and
  4. Linking indigenous culture into livelihoods by forming producers groups of potential indigenous women Producing, showcasing and selling a wide variety of indigenous knowledge and culture base products, i.e. carvings, weavings, accessories, delicacies, clothes/fabrics, wild honey, vegetable, CHIURI (Diploknema butvracea Roxb) ghee and organic agro-products, etc.

NIWF envisioned the ILRC to be a self sustained full functional resource center dedicated to improve recognition of the richness of indigenous knowledge system and cultures, and showcase indigenous knowledge and culture based products in Nepal

NIWF is planning to construct a building for the ILRC to serve a real ILRC for the next phase. Therefore, NIWF requests to all interested individuals and organizations for their generous supports and collaborations to buy land for self sustained and full function of ILRC in Nepal.

Your generous can make difference in the lives of historically excluded indigenous peoples of Nepal.