Since 2015, the National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) has collaborated with MADRE on various initiatives, including The Santoshi Project, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training, Indigenous Girls Opportunity Fund (IGOF) and Focus for Indigenous Girls (FIG). 

The Santoshi Project:

Through The Santoshi Project, NIWF has been instrumental in providing literacy classes, stationery, and other educational materials to children from the endangered Bankariya Community in Nepal. These efforts aim to ensure that these children can lead brighter, safer, and more empowered futures. Additionally, NIWF has conducted soap-making training for the Bankariya and Chepang Women's Group, teaching them to produce soap from mugwort and aloe vera. This initiative culminated in the successful registration of their company, "Bankariya tatha Chepang Mahila Sabun Udyog," in 2023. In 2024, NIWF established a library for Bankariya children in Makwanpur. This library, equipped with over 300 books, cupboards, tables, cushions, and a TV donated by NIWF’s Vice-Chairperson Ms. Yasso Kanti Bhattachan, serves as a valuable resource to foster a love for reading and learning among the children.

Integrated Pest Management (IMP) Training: 

NIWF has conducted Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training for 10 Women's groups across nine districts in Nepal, including Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Dolakha, Kailali, Ramechhap, Sindhuli, Dhading, Baglung, and Kaski. The primary goal of this initiative is to empower Indigenous Women through sustainable agricultural practices. Through the IPM training, these Women have learned to cultivate pesticide-free and off-season vegetables, significantly boosting their economic empowerment by enabling them to sell their produce. As a result of this training, the Women's groups have successfully registered and now have access to municipal budgets, marking a significant achievement in their journey towards self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Indigenous Girls Opportunity Fund (IGOF): 

IGOF is an initiative taken by National Indigenous Women Forum(NIWF) in 2023 with the aim of ensuring equal access to education for Indigenous Girls. IGOF is dedicated to providing educational assistance and other necessary assistance to the scholarship recipient girls to support them academically. This fund provides educational aid to the selected student candidates from marginalised and endangered Indigenous Communities from economically disadvantaged backgrounds giving special emphasis in their empowerment through education. In its inaugural year, NIWF selected two candidates from Sankharapur following a thorough selection process that included interviews, home visits, and questionnaires conducted by the NIWF team. Continuing its mission in 2024, NIWF selected two more candidates from Kalinchowk Rural Municipality, Ward No. 9, through a similarly rigorous selection process.

Focus for Indigenous Girls (FIG):

Focus for Indigenous Girls (FIG) is a sister organization of the National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF). FIG aims to create awareness among Indigenous Girls and Youth on critical issues such as climate change, sex, gender, sexuality, and gender-based violence. By addressing these topics, FIG seeks to empower young Indigenous individuals. Through its programs, FIG provides leadership and advocacy training, equipping Indigenous Girls and Youth with the skills and knowledge they need to become effective leaders and advocates within their Communities and beyond.

Relief Distribution Program to Earthquake victims of Rukum West:

With the support from MADRE, NIWF also distributed relief to the earthquake victims in Aathbiskot Municipality Ward No. 11 of Rukum West, Nepal in 2023. The relief was distributed to 100 Magar Indigenous families. NIWF team provided them with the provision of essential items such as blankets to shield against the harsh cold, as well as supplies of rice, lentils, and cooking oil. These provisions aimed not only to alleviate immediate suffering but also to offer some semblance of comfort and stability during this challenging period of recovery. In the face of adversity, the collaborative efforts of NIWF and the support extended by MADRE stands as a testament to compassion and solidarity, providing critical aid to the earthquake-affected Communities of the Aathbiskot Municipality, Ward No. 11 in Rukum West, Nepal.