Tamu Community and their Resurgence

Tamu Community and their Resurgence Under the campaign of cultural resurrection of Tamu tribes, a two-day training on the importance of herbal and inter-generation knowledge was given to the young women of Tamu community in Pokhara. This influential project has…

MADRE IPM Based Visit – Pahari Community 

MADRE IPM based visit- Pahari Community NIWF had the opportunity to welcome Lisa Davis; MADRE’s Senior Legal Advisor, Chair of the Legal Strategies Advisory Committee. Lisa has written and reported extensively on human rights and gender issues, including on women’s…

Implementation of CEDAW Recommendations

NIWF conducted follow-up of the Dialogues for Meaningful Implementation of CEDAW Recommendations related to Indigenous Women made in the Concluding Observation in 2018 in Gandaki Province on 21 June 2022