Most frequent questions and answers

Nepal Indigenous Women Forum or simply NIWF is a organization that strives to improve the living conditions of indigenous women in Nepal by eliminating the existence of social, political, cultural, religious and linguistic discrimination.

NIWF was established on September, 1998 AD, Kathmandu

Other than Kathmandu we have regional or district office(s) in 4 different Districts, i.e. Kavrepalanchowk, Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Sindhupalchowk and in over 16 VDCs. This, however, does not mean that our services are limited to these districts but only lists the location of our offices.

To empower indigenous women by eliminating social, political, cultural, religious and linguistics discrimination

  1. Advocate ensuring the rights of highly marginalized and endangered indigenous people particularly women.
  2. Promoting the social, cultural, political and economical rights of indigenous women.
  3. Intervening in areas where Indigenous women needs support by finding out and assessing the social situation of indigenous women.
  4. Assisting Indigenous women in mobilizing resources from local, national and other sources so as to make them economically independent.
  5. To increase awareness level of people on the issues of indigenous women widely through publications of different types of publications.
  6. To organize exploited and marginalized women so that they are able to understand their rights and work to ensure their rights and aware the community on various issues such trafficking of women and children, sex trade etc.
  7. To coordinate with various state and non state actors on the issue of indigenous women and work in collaboration with them.
  8. To implement human resources and infrastructural development activities to improve the overall situation of indigenous women.
  1. MamaCash
  2. The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)
  3. MADRE
  4. FIMI
  5. Women Fund Asia

Our general assembly run each year. The date of our last General Assembly: 2070/04/15 B.S

NIWF employs a total of six full-time working staffs, along with a number of volunteers and its board and general members.