2nd Indigenous and Local Knowledge Dialogue for the Global Environment Outlook 7

From June 11-13, 2024, Ms. Saraswati Sherpa, the Program Officer of the National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF), attended the 2nd Indigenous and Local Knowledge Dialogue for the Global Environment Outlook 7 (GEO-7) held in Oaxaca, Mexico. This event was a significant milestone in the effort to incorporate the perspectives of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities into the GEO-7 report. The dialogue aimed to enhance the preparation of the GEO-7 assessment by integrating Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and Local Knowledge (LK), which are vital for a comprehensive understanding of environmental challenges and solutions. The 2nd IK&LK Dialogue is a follow-up to the first dialogue held earlier in 2024, which took place virtually. These dialogues are part of a broader initiative to ensure that the insights and wisdom of Indigenous and local communities are reflected in global environmental assessments. The inclusion of IK&LK is crucial for developing sustainable and culturally relevant strategies to address environmental issues.The Global Environment Outlook (GEO) is a series of reports produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) that review the state and direction of the global environment. These reports are developed through a global process involving regional, national, and local inputs from around the world. GEO reports provide an authoritative assessment of the environmental challenges facing the planet and offer solutions based on scientific analysis and the knowledge of diverse communities. The program on Indigenous Knowledge and Local Knowledge Dialogue supports the preparation of the GEO-7 report by providing a platform for Indigenous and local perspectives. This approach acknowledges the value of traditional ecological knowledge and the lived experiences of communities who are often on the frontlines of environmental change. By incorporating IK&LK, GEO-7 aims to offer more holistic and inclusive solutions to global environmental issues.

In summary, the 2nd IK&LK Dialogue for GEO-7 in Oaxaca, attended by Ms. Saraswati Sherpa, underscores the importance of integrating diverse knowledge systems into global environmental assessments. This initiative by UNEP reflects a commitment to inclusive and participatory processes in addressing the complex environmental challenges of our time.

Photo Description: NIWF's Program Officer Ms. Saraswati Sherpa sharing her insights.

Photo Description: Offerings from the participants in Day 1.