Training Program on CEDAW GR 39 Implementation in Nepal and Contemporary IPs Issues
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On June 22-23, 2024, the National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) held a training program on implementing CEDAW GR 39 in Nepal and addressing contemporary Indigenous Peoples' issues with members of the Women and Social Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives. Facilitated by NIWF's Vice Chairperson, Ms. Yasso Kanti Bhattachan, and Executive Director, Ms. Dwarika Thebe, the program opened with a welcome speech from NIWF's General Secretary, Ms. Manmaya Tamang. The chief guest, Hon. Kiran Kumar Shah, also gave a speech. The inauguration ceremony included candle lighting, led by Hon. Kiran Kumar Shah and NIWF's Chairperson, Ms. Suni Lama.Dr. Krishna Bhattachan presented on the major contemporary issues facing Indigenous Peoples, emphasizing the importance of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) and highlighting its frequent misuse. Sankhar Limbu discussed the implementation of CEDAW GR-39 within the Nepali legal system, underscoring its crucial role in safeguarding the rights of Indigenous Women and Girls. Himmat Singh Lekali stressed the importance of self-assessment, self-monitoring, and self-negotiation. Simrika Sharma spoke about Data and Information Literacy, the critical role of media in shaping our thoughts, and provided insights on enhancing public speaking skills through media. Arun Rai highlighted the significance of E-Libraries and explained how to effectively utilize them to obtain accurate information.

Training committee members is essential to addressing these issues and fostering equality and social justice. Enhancing the capacities of committee members will strengthen their ability to oversee and evaluate laws and policies, ensuring accountability and better outcomes for Indigenous Women. With this aim NIWF organized this training program with the committee members. The program ended with NIWF's chairperson Ms. Suni Lama's speech thanking everyone for their participation and dedication towards making the program successful.

Photo Description: Candle-lighting ceremony to inaugurate the program.