Tamu Community and their Resurgence

Tamu Community and their Resurgence

Under the campaign of cultural resurrection of Tamu tribes, a two-day training on the importance of herbal and inter-generation knowledge was given to the young women of Tamu community in Pokhara.

This influential project has been supported by the  International Tribal Women Forum. The Charbhanjyang Tamu Samaj at Nayabazar, Pokhara helped organize the closing ceremony while Pokhara Municipality’s Deputy President Manjudevi Gurung attended as the Chief Guest of the program. 

An important attendee, the president of Tamu Dhin Nepal, Humbahadur Gurung said that the program of handing over the traditional basic knowledge skills of Tamu caste has given a new message. He urged the trained knowledge to be a message to family, friends, saying that young generation should think to preserve the

fundamental identity of the community.

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