NIWF distributeS 750 Akabare and 500 Tomato Crops to the Shakharapur IPM Women’s Group

3rd April 2023: NIWF distributed 750 Akabare Crops and 500 Tomato Crops to the Shakharapur IPM Women’s Group. There are currently 10 Greenhouses constructed by NIWF under the aid of MADRE while 8 have been constructed by the Local Municipality, with 7 Greenhouses under the works. There are currently 30 Tamang Indigenous Women under the Shankharapur IPM Group. 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a strategy that integrates a different range of environmentally friendly approaches to manage pests in agricultural production, emphasizing healthy crop growth. It encourages natural pest control through the use of sustainable bio-based pests. IPM is cheaper and maintains the quality of soil in the long run. “Management” is essential to understand because we can only manage pests and can’t eliminate them. Hence, this comprehensive approach cares for pests, animals, soil, and human beings, minimizing pesticide residue hazards. 

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