MADRE IPM Based Visit – Pahari Community 

MADRE IPM based visit- Pahari Community

NIWF had the opportunity to welcome Lisa Davis; MADRE’s Senior Legal Advisor, Chair of the Legal Strategies Advisory Committee. Lisa has written and reported extensively on human rights and gender issues, including on women’s rights and LGBTIQ rights, with a focus on peace building and security issues in conflict and disaster settings. 

On Lisa’s visit, we were honored to welcome her at the office and provide a short insightful presentation based on NIWF’s past and present projects and missions.

We then headed to Shikharpa, Lalitpur, to visit the Pahari Community women who have successfully been implementing the practices given on IPM training, funded by MADRE. Sarawoti Nagarkoti from Manila Samuha based in the community led the program and walked us through the progress that has been made so far. 

Within the Pahari community, 30 Pahari women first received the IPM training, with commenced with 10 tunnels provided by NIWF. They have been actively using the tunnels for commercial farming and self- sustenance, whilst the demand for more tunnels actively grows. 

We are more than elated to be a part of a growing empowering culture also promoted by the IPM training for the women within the Pahari community and shall continue broadening the training opportunities. 

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