Indigenous Women’s issues in Transitional justice


For transitional justice as a part of the peace process, Nepal government had formed two commissions, one the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons, and the other the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2015, about eight years after the peace process started. Both commissions were formed late and with no full authority as required by international standards of transitional justice. The tenure of both commission was for two years. Even after extension of one year, both commission could not complete its work. After expiration of tenure of the Chief and other commissioners on 9 February 2018 , no new appointments have been done so far by the government. The dilly dallying and halfhearted efforts by the government is thought to be because both the Maoist leaders, army offi cials and political leaders are involved in gross violation of human rights and they are afraid of going to the International court of Justice for trial of crime against humanity. There is indeed a lot of pressure from international community and the victims of a decade long armed confl ict of 13 February 1996- 26 November 2005 to complete the process of transitional justice.

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