Mama Cash provides funding and accompaniment support to courageous and inspiring feminist activists that have the conviction and tenacity to speak out, tell their stories, and demand justice, no matter the obstacles. Thus, to build on to the movement of Indigenous Women and Girls in Nepal, MAMA Cash has been supporting NIWF. With the help of MAMA Cash, this year NIWF has been able to develop internal policies of anti-corruption, review, and amend statutes. NIWF has also been able to better develop the official website and it has supported various other institutional strengthening activities. It is also supporting the Policy Review, Dialogue, and National Position Paper from the perspective of Indigenous Women in the spheres of Climate Change and Indigenous Language. Along with it, the follow-up monitoring of Santhal (Saving Credit), Rajbangshi (Traditional Clothes), Rai (Marcha, Flower), Magar- Rupandehi (Soap, Surf), and Lepcha (Achar) groups. These groups will also receive training on Saving and Credit from MAMA Cash funds.