Forest Farm Facility

The Forest and Farm Facility provides direct financial support and technical assistance to
strengthen forest and farm producer organizations representing smallholders, rural women’s groups, local communities, and indigenous peoples’ institutions. A partnership between FAO, IIED, IUCN, and Agricord, the Forest and Farm Facility is funded by Finland, Germany, and Norway through the Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism of FAO, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States of America, and IKEA.
The Indigenous Peoples are subjected to historical, structural, and systematic discrimination
which has resulted in the formation of barriers for them to access their Indigenous land and
engage in meaningful income-generating activities. With the growing demand, NIWF is
currently facilitating the process of upgrading the successful livelihood cases to entrepreneurship and collective enterprise, especially among resource-poor Indigenous communities. With the support of Forest Farm Facility, NIWF aims to scale up the current ongoing practices identified as good practices. The communities that the LoA will be working with are Bankariya (Manhari, Makwanpur), Chepang (Manahari, Makwanpur), Tharu (Kapilvastu), Danuwar (Panchkahl, Kavre). This project aims to add value to the ongoing enterprising interventions, and aims to bring in it Indigenous youths belonging to the Tharu, Bankariya, Chepang, and Danuwar communities. This project will work on enhancing the awareness and capacity of the women’s producer group of the Indigenous community and their local government and relevant stakeholders on the importance of promoting Indigenous Peoples’ skills and knowledge.