NIWF Team Community visit at the Bankariya Indigenous Community to provide Stationary for The Santoshi Project

2nd- 3rd April 2023: NIWF conducted a Community visit at the Bankariya Indigenous Community in Manohari Village Municipality, Ward-4, Hetauda with the main intention to provide stationary and uniform for the children.

2nd April 2023: NIWF provided Stationery materials to the 33 Bankariya Children (The Santoshi Project) as well as to the Parent/ Guardian Students from the Non-Formal Education Program. NIWF also conducted an inspection based on necessary school uniforms and recreational activities resources necessary for the children to be provided for the next Community Visit. NIWF Media and Communications Officer Reva Shreya Rai and Videographer started NIWF’s independent Documentation of The Santoshi Project.

3rd April 2023: Documentation interviews ensued along with discussions on Land rights on the 20 years lease provided to the Bankariya Community. The community looms on the 19th year of the lease, with no action taken yet by stakeholders despite the community’s appeals. The endangered Bankariya Peoples are still taking their initial steps toward education and improving their livelihood with temporary access to their community land. The impending expiry of the lease poses an immense threat to the community’s newly beginning growth.

The Santoshi Project, under NIWF, is an education tuition initiative supported by @madrespeaks which focuses on the Educational improvement of the Community Children, and the contribution of school supplies and uniform necessities for the Community Children.

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