NIWF celebrates CEDAW RC. NO. 39 being adopted

NIWF held a small close-knit celebration with well-wishers and close contacts in celebration of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) adopting the long-awaited General Recommendation No. 39 on the Rights of Indigenous Women and Girls. General Recommendation No. 39 includes the first language in a binding international treaty focusing on the rights of Indigenous Women and Girls and answers to an enduring call by Indigenous women for a specific instrument to further and protect their rights. 

Indigenous Engagement Specialist to UNESCO, Barsha Lekhi moderated the event as the Master of Ceremony while NIWF’s Vice- Chairperson Yasso Kanti Bhattachan provided insight on the CEDAW GR. NO. 39 and the positive impact on policy- making of the Recommendation for Indigenous Women and Girls in Nepal.

The current Director of Program Strategy at Equality Fund, Natalia Caruso, a longtime friend, and well-wisher of NIWF during her time at MADRE, attended the event. Dr. Nirmala KC from ActionAid Nepal, Ms. Binda Magar and Ms. Geetanjali Rai from UNDP, Ms.Subha Ghale from UNWomen, Ms. Recha Pradhan from AIPP, Ms. Praga Rai from Equality Fund, Ms. Chanda Thapa from IFIP, Ms. Sangeeta Lama from Sankalpa Nepal, Ms. Kamala Gurung from NIWF (Federation), Ms. Indira Shris Magar and Uma Tamang from INWOLAG were also among the well-wishers present to commemorate the event.

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