‘Indigenous Girls come together for Art, Representation and Gender Equality’ A 3- Day Initiative of NIWF and FIG to celebrate Women’s Day

Snippets from the “Indigenous Girls come together for Art, Representation and Gender Equality” Exhibition organized by the Forum of Indigenous Girls (FIG) and NIWF yesterday.

Commencing the event on 8th March 2023 on the auspicious occasion of Women’s Day, our team provided sessions based on Equity, Equality, Indigenous Feminism, Color and Expressionism, and Entrepreneurship on the internet platform for 15- Tamang Indigenous Girls in Shankharapur. While also focusing on beginner art know-how.

FIG’s member Akina Singh started off with a short session on Equity, Equality, Indigenous Feminism, and this year’s concept on #DigitAll and #EmbraceEquity for Women’s Day. FIG’s President Sabnam Lama spoke on matters of Entrepreneurship and using Technology and Innovation properly to pursue Entrepreneurial Skills and Creativity. FIG’s Secretary Jina Limbu was in charge of the event report.

Art Teachers, Supriya Bayung, Sukrita Karki, and Riddhima started off the classes with an introduction to Expressionism, Color Theory, Shading, and Introduction to various tools and styles.

On the 9th of March 2023, the girls joined the team at the Taragaon premises and spent the day working on art and colors that they had conceptualized the day prior, under the guidance of the 3 Art Workshop Teachers. 

Finally, on the 11th NIWF and FIG exhibited the completed paintings at the Taragaon Next Gallery gallery. The painting descriptions are adorned with Kokomendo (Totola ko Phool) used during rites and rituals in Tamang communities, as is customary with Indigenous Communities’ practices.

We are also thankful for all the small businesses present with us at the pop-up markets on the day of the exhibition as well as special collaborators who helped with aspects of this event.

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