‘Addressing Gender-Based Violence’ a Discussion for Young Indigenous Girls in Shankharapur Municipality

Celebrating 16 Days of Activism, NIWF initiated a Discussion based on ‘Addressing Gender-Based Violence’ to raise awareness about gender-based violence and challenging discriminatory attitudes to end violence against women in Shankharapur Village Municipality today. Creating a safe space for young indigenous girls, NIWF team members were able to educate on topics of gender-based violence, types of gender-based violence, addressing and sharing incidents of any form of gender-based violence, and how to combat it within your surroundings.

The program started off with an interactive Introductory round where participants introduced the other person they found themselves with through a raffle system- talking about their basic details such as name and favorite foods and so on. Program Officer Nuva Rai led the discussion with the topics assisted by Media and Communications Officer Reya Shreya Rai and FIG Members Jina Angdembe and Puma Mandal. The program proceeded with the participants analyzing a story to point out what forms of gender-based violence were evident in each story.

This was followed by a Mandela Drawing session where participants illustrated their experience with family life during early childhood, their first experience of gender-based violence, and the first instance they were subjected to casteism against their indigenous identity. In all, the program was received with much enthusiasm and active- participation with the young Indigenous Girls requesting more discussions and workshops as such in the future. 

For videos of participants sharing their experiences, you can head to our Instagram page (@niwf_nepal).

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