National Conference on Indigenous Women’s Rights and Leadership: Highlights from Day-2

13th July, unveiled a cornucopia of activities that captivated our hearts and minds. From the exploration of the Position Paper to thought-provoking discussions on consequential subjects, and culminating with the unveiling of our book by the esteemed Vice-President, our plates were brimming with intellectual nourishment.

With the aroma of a delightful morning meal still lingering, we eagerly gathered at the conference venue, where our revered resource persons eagerly awaited the arrival of our honorable guests. The richness of our Mother Tongue, the significance of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD), the invaluable role of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and Indigenous Women in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the transformative Paris Agreement of 2016 were just a few among the many captivating topics that ignited passionate discussions. In these exchanges, knowledge flourished, and profound understanding bloomed.

However, the crescendo of the day, the apex of our collective journey, arrived with the soft launch of a precious tome entitled “Elected Women Representatives of Federal, Provincial, and Local Level 2029.” This remarkable moment unfolded beneath the watchful gaze of the Vice-President, Ram Sahaya Yadav, whose presence bestowed a halo of distinction upon the occasion.

As the pages of the book unfurled, it became a tangible embodiment of honor, paying homage to the tireless dedication and extraordinary achievements of the elected women representatives. It left us enriched, both in knowledge and in spirit. With profound insights etched into our consciousness and a deep sense of unity forged through shared conversations, the National Conference on Indigenous Women’s Rights and Leadership at the Policy Level continued to sow the seeds of empowerment and change.

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