Voice of Indigenous Women 2022

First of all, | would like to thank all our members, staff, development partners,
sister organizations, networks, and well-wishers of NIWF for the continuous
help and support for the Indigenous Women and Girls in Nepal. As | serve my
second term, | would like to thank everyone for the support and guidance that
has been provided to me and my team.

NIWF’s journey has been a challenging one, while just as fruitful as navigating
our efforts initially with Indigenous communities. Over the years, | feel that we
have been able to bring many positive changes to Women and Girls of our
Indigenous communities including bringing visibility to endangered Indigenous
peoples. | am much thankful for our entire NIWF team who have been together
amidst these challenges and obstacles. | feel that we have been able to make
significant progress over the years in raising the living standards and empowering
many Indigenous communities in Nepal while simultaneously raising and aiding
in the preservation, protection, promotion, and conservation of their Indigenous
traditional knowledge, skills, and practices.

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