Province 2 assigned NIWF Observers from the 2022 Nepalese General Election share their Experience

NIWF under the support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) was able to train and appoint 158 Observers for the 2022 Nepalese General Election throughout the 7 provinces of Nepal. Firstly, the election supervising training (Observer role) was presented both virtually on the 14th of November 2022 and physically on the 15th of November 2022. 

Former Defense Secretary Begendra Sharma Poudyal imparted details regarding the election of members of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly, the constitutional and legal system, electoral system, Legal arrangements related to incorporation, elections program and election preparation, polling station, ballot, voting, and so on. Whilst NIWF’S Talk Tamang, further elaborated on the Election Code of Conduct 2079 of the supervising organization and the observer Code of Conduct and Responsibilities, Concept of Supervision, and Policy on Supervision and institutional arrangements.

Here are two reports presented by the election Observers from Province 2 appointed by NIWF for a brief insight into the election centers they were appointed to. 

Background of Province 2: The Province 2 of Nepal, known as Madhesh Pradesh was formed after the Constitution of Nepal. With an area of 9,661km square, its population stands at 6,126,288(2021 Nepal Census), Easily making it one of the most populated Provinces of Nepal. The majority of the population in Province 2 speak Tharu, Maithali, Bhojpuri, Nepali, Bajjika, and more. Madhesh Pradesh comprises eight districts namely Saptari, Parsa, Bara, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Mahottari, Dhanusha, Siraha District. 

Voting System in Province 2: The province has 107 provincial assembly constituencies and 32 House of Representative constituencies. The present legislative structure of Province No. 2 is Unicameral and consists of 107 legislative members (64 members are elected through FPTP and 43 are elected through PR). The normal term of the provincial assembly is five years unless dissolved earlier.

(Source: Nepal Outlook)

Report 1 by: Anuja Chaudhary

Observer: Anuja Chaudhary

Place of posting: Madhesh Pradesh, Saptari, Shree Ram Janki Higher Secondary School 

Observer Report 1 by Anuja Chaudhary: On 20th November 2022, the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly member elections were completed peacefully at Shree Ram Janki Higher Secondary School under Ward No-1 Madhesh Pradesh-2, Saptari.

Code of Conduct and Systemization for Safe Voting: The Municipality has three Voting centers which is why the Election process was smooth sailing and unproblematic at my center. 1000 Voting papers were issued to the Voting Center where I was appointed as the Observer in. I would like to address and thank the Municipal office for letting me access the Center with ease once I proved my credibility as a Supervisor. I was also provided with lunch, water and a resting area by the Government officials present there.

Appointed Personnel for each voting booth: There was a total of 8 Government Polling Officers in the center, out of which 3 were women. Alongside were 8 Government Polling Representatives. The Chief Polling Officer was also from the Yadav Indigenous Community. The polling started at 7:15 AM and set off with ease according to the rules until 5:00-5:30 PM at which it concluded. 

Number of Voters: Despite the Polling Centre being nestled located between Indigenous Communities, the majority of the voters were non-Indigenous Peoples. Women and Men were separated into different lines during the voting process. Everything was well managed, however, there were no sightings of People with Disabilities, Pregnant Women, or people with bad health in need of extra assistance. 

Security and safety for voting systematically: There were no incidents of discrimination or unfair treatment of any kind within the Voting Centers. There were 9 Male Security Personnel present and 1 Female Security Personnel. There were also 3 Women Govt. Polling Volunteers and 5 Male Govt. Polling Volunteers. I was the only Supervisor representing NIWF in this Polling Center as it was well-managed and there was not an extreme number of voters present. 

Report 2 by: Prena Chaudhary

Observer: Prena Chaudhary 

Place of posting: Shree Hirawati Aadharbhut School, Bakdhuwa, Saptari-1

Observer Report 2 by Prena Chaudhary: On 20th November 2022, the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly member elections were completed peacefully at Shree Hirawati Aadharbhut School under Ward No- 1 Madhesh Pradesh, Saptari.

Code of Conduct and Systemization for Safe Voting: There were a total of 1800 polling papers that were handed out to our centers. The Election Polling was completed safely with no incidents. It started at 7:30 AM and ended at 5:30 PM ended. Many voters who don’t know how to read or write were assisted by someone else to help them cast a poll. This was all carried out transparently and ethically. There were no present people with disabilities, pregnant, or people who needed extra assistance. However, the Polling Center was operated in a smooth and efficient way.

Appointed Personnel for each voting booth: There were 8 Male Government Polling Officers present and 7 Women Government Polling Officers. 20 Govt. Appointed Representatives were also present to help at the Polling booths out of which 5 were Women. In all, there were 5 Supervisors present, with 1 Supervisor from the Indigenous Community Representation.  

Security and safety for voting systematically: There were 11 Men Security Officers present to manage and assist the crowd systematically out of which 4 Security Officers were Women. In all, there were 11 Security Officers from Indigenous Communities. Tharu, Yadav, and Dalit Communities were the most prominent evident at the polling site. 

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