NIWF’s Tree Sapling Distribution in Devabhumi, Baluwa: Empowering Indigenous Women on World Environment Day

In celebration of World Environment Day, the National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) took a proactive step towards environmental conservation by distributing Nepali Hog Plum and Indian Gooseberry Saplings (अमाला) to the Indigenous Danuwar Community Women Team in Pachakhal municipality Ward-12, Devabhumi, Baluwa.

As Lady Bird Johnson wisely stated, the environment is a shared space that unites us all. Recognizing the significance of women in environmental stewardship, NIWF aimed to empower Indigenous women to play a leading role in tackling climate change and addressing its adverse impacts on their communities.

Indigenous women have historically been the custodians of their land and possess invaluable traditional knowledge about sustainable practices. Their active involvement in reducing harmful emissions and promoting eco-friendly solutions is crucial to fostering resilience against climate-related challenges.

The United Nations Climate Change has underscored the pivotal role of women in climate action, acknowledging their unique contributions to sustainability and community well-being. By recognizing the leadership of Indigenous women, NIWF’s initiative aligns with global efforts to create a greener and more sustainable future.

The distribution of tree saplings symbolizes NIWF’s commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement. By providing the Indigenous Danuwar Community Women Team with these saplings, NIWF encourages the cultivation of green spaces, contributing to carbon sequestration and biodiversity enhancement.

As these saplings take root and flourish, the empowered Indigenous women will serve as environmental champions, inspiring their communities and future generations to embrace sustainable practices and create a healthier, more resilient world.

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