Advancing Indigenous Women’s Rights in Biodiversity Conservation: NIWF and NEFIN’s Internal Sharing Session

Under the supportive partnership of the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), the National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) and the National Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) joined forces to host a significant Internal Sharing Session. The event aimed to present the initial draft of the ‘Kunming Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework on Indigenous Women Rights,’ solidifying the collective efforts to advocate for the rights of Indigenous women in biodiversity conservation.

During the session, Kamal Sampang, a Biodiversity Specialist and representative of NIWF, along with Arun Rai from NEFIN, played pivotal roles in facilitating the discussion. Their insightful presentations on the draft National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs) laid the groundwork for a comprehensive set of recommendations.

The NBSAPs are critical blueprints that outline the country’s approach to preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable development. With the active involvement of NIWF and NEFIN, the plans are tailored to address the unique perspectives and rights of Indigenous women.

The Internal Sharing Session proved to be a platform for robust engagement, where Indigenous Peoples Organizations and Representatives wholeheartedly contributed their invaluable insights. Their active participation and candid contributions enriched the discussion, ensuring that the recommendations reflected the priorities and aspirations of Indigenous communities.

NIWF and NEFIN expressed heartfelt appreciation to all the attendees for their unwavering commitment and meaningful engagement in the process. The shared knowledge and diverse perspectives have significantly fortified the recommendations, reinforcing the importance of Indigenous women’s rights and roles in biodiversity conservation.

Through collaborative efforts and partnerships, NIWF and NEFIN continue to advance the cause of Indigenous women’s rights and environmental stewardship. The Internal Sharing Session serves as a testament to the collective power of inclusive decision-making processes, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and embracing the wisdom of Indigenous communities.

As the recommendations take shape, NIWF and NEFIN reaffirm their dedication to fostering a sustainable and equitable future where the voices of Indigenous women are not just heard but actively upheld in the pursuit of biodiversity conservation and environmental well-being.

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