NIWF awards the ‘Indigenous Girls Opportunity Fund’ scholarship to selected 2 Indigenous Girls

28th April 2023: Under the support of MADRE NIWF officially awarded the ‘Indigenous Girls Opportunity Fund’ scholarship to selected 2 Indigenous Girls candidates from the Shankharapur- based Sankhu Palubari Community School. NIWF’s Chairperson Suni Lama and Anoop Poudel, Principal to the school, awarded the with the scholarship. 

Under IGOF Scholarship, the middle- schoolers will be provided with private tuition fees and necessary resources for their academic journey. NIWF will also try our best in arranging child- friendly and safe homely environment for the children while providing workshops when necessary( not hindering with their academics) with special focus to build them as a strong and empowered leaders of the future. The IGOF scholarship, for now has been planned to support the recipients until their 10th grade. 

The current recipients were selected on the basis of their financial necessity and academics while the selection was conducted through interviews with both the children and their guardians. NIWF plans on providing more candidates with the IGOF in the near future. 

We would like to extend our thanks to Ms. Junita Waiba, from NIWF’s Shankharapur Indigenous Women IPM Group for putting her best effort to guide us with the candidates in most need and helping us throughout the process. We would also like to thank the principal, Mr. Anoop Poudel for his time and cooperate henceforth in making the IGOF a success.

(All images were taken after verbal consent and information.)

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