Universal Periodic Review (UPR) November, 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

Starts  02 Nov 2015
Ends  13 Nov 2015

Venue: Geneva, Switzerland

The 23rd session of UPR held in Geneva from 2-13 November 2015.  NWIF Vice chairperson Ms. Yassokanti Bhattachan participated as an observer during 23rd session of Universal Periodic Review held in Geneva, Switzerland. She was also a panelist in side event “Human Rights in Nepal: A Perspectives from the Ground” where she highlighted the human rights issues of indigenous women of Nepal.

The Nepal NGO for UPR (NNC-UPR) submitted the joint submission reflecting the human rights issues of Nepal. This submission was prepared by (NNC-UPR), National Women Coalition and Durban Review Conference Follow-up Committee (DRCFC).  This report is outcome of series of regional and national consultation on key issues of human rights in Nepal. NIWF as a secretariat of DRCFC and focal point of thematic groups on Indigenous Peoples, Madhesis, Muslims, LGBTIQs, food security and land rights worked to provide inputs on the mentioned issues.