The highly marginalised indigenous Pahari women receive Climate smart- Integrated Pest Management training in support of MADRE and NIWF.

7 February 2019
The highly marginalized indigenous Pahari women of Sikharpa municipality in Lalitpur district were provided
Climate Smart- Integrated Pest Management(IPM) training with the help of MADRE, fighting for feminist futures, and National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF). The training period was from August 2018 to January 2019.
The Pahari women’s farmer group that consists twenty-five Pahari women was formed during the training with a title Shree Saraswati Women’s Farmer Group . Along with the IPM training, other related training such as training on market management, institutional development training, entrepreneurship and development training. As a part of exposure visit, the women’s farmer group was taken to Kalinchowk rural municipality in Dolakha district to visit and observe the progressive status of Thami women’s farmer groups, the alumni of NIWF’s IPM training project.

The group was also supported with the implements that are used in the process of growing and harvesting vegetables. Following are the details of the tools provided: sprinkler, pipe, plastic for tunnel, tank/drum for making pesticides and storing water, sprinkler pipe, seeds, mustard-seed oil cake, paddy husks, bamboo and rope. The list of the material provided along with the quantity are as follows.

S.N. Material Description         Quantity
1. Water Tank –                        20
2. Water Pipe –                         8 quails
3. Plastic sheet –                      1000m
4. Small Tank-                         5
5. Sprinkler pipe/lifting pump-  5/5
6. Seeds-                                2kg
7. Mustard seed oil cake-         15kg
8. Paddy husk-                        15kg
9. Rope-                                 500m