NIWF’s strategies are as follows:

  • Indigenous women’s self-determined development;
  • Free, Prior and informed consent (FPIC);
  • Preserve and promote distinct identity of indigenous women, indigenous peoples and gender equity and equality;
  • Bottom up and participatory approaches;
  • Group formation;
  • Awareness raising and advocacy campaigns;
  • Literacy and education campaigns;
  • Indigenous women’s empowerment;
  • Sustainable livelihood through mobilization of and linkages with local and external resources;
  • Research and development;
  • Special focus on endangered indigenous peoples;
  • Deconstruction of ideological, political, social, cultural, linguistic, religious, and institutional barriers against indigenous women, and construction and/or reconstruction of indigenous women’s identity, dignity, status and rights as per ILO C. 169 and UNDRIP; and
  • Coordination among and linkages with various non-governmental organizations, communi