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1 Report 2016 Download
2 8th Human Rights National Magna Meet, 2017 Download
3 Progress Report Download
4 To amplify the voices of IW through media Download
5 Voices of Indigenous Women Download
6 Climate Smart Farming MADRE Download
7 NIWF annual report, 2017 Download
8 CEDAW Shadow Report on Situation of the Rights of Indigenous Women in Nepal submitted by NIWF-NIWF-NIDWAN-INWOLAG Download
9 OnePager.Priority Recommendations-Nepal-NIWF-NIWF-NIDWAN-INWOLAG Download
10 Oral Statement on the Stuation of Indigenous Women and Indigenous Women with Disabilities Download
1 Mahila Bichar (Voice of Women) Download
2 Training Manual Download
4 NIWF Bulletin 2017 Download
5 NIWF Bulletin 2 nd Download
6 NIWF Bulletin 3rd all pages Download
7 NIWForum Brochure 2017 Download
8 2 NIWForum Brochure_November 2017 Download
9 Final_NIWF Report_dr Bhattachan Download
10 Flyer – Indigenous Women Transforming Power Download
11 FINAL flyer BBC Download
12 Call for Action Download



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