Through NIWF’s Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Programme funded by MADRE and in support of Individual donors NIWF has constructed 10 household destroyed by recent earthquake of endangered Bankariya Indigenous Peoples at Hadikhola – 7, Makawanpur. The selection of family for the reconstruction of the houses were based upon the urgency and identification of their need which was conducted during NIWF’s representatives survey visit on 15-16 august, 2015 with wider interaction with the villagers and the community. Out of total 21 household at the village, 2 houses were already constructed by the owners and the remaining 9 houses are being constructed by NIWF in collaboration with National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN). NIWF’s Board members Ms. Sabitra Chepang and Ms. Niramala Bhujel were present on the community to oversee and coordinate the construction process. The construction of the household has been started from 9 September, 2015 with 17 volunteers from Nepal Scouts along with three carpenters 17 volunteers from Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON). NIWF has provided GI Iron sheets, nails, wires, tools, etc and necessary raw materials for the construction of houses. Cleanliness and sanitation programme are also held with the involvement of the local communities to sensitize them regarding the basic cleanliness and sanitation that must be mentioned for hygienic living condition and vegetable gardening to sustain them.

Bankariya Indigenous Peoples

The Bankariyas are  listed as endangered indigenous Peoples of Nepal, they are found in the villages of Handi Khola, Chourabesi, Sunkhola and the Chure Range of Makwanpur District. Like Chepangs, Bankariyas are also nomadic hunter gatherers, and forage for roots and tubers for their food. They are close to Chepangs in religious practices and languages.

Bankariya Indigenous peoples of Hadikhola-7, Makawanpur District were the nomadic hunter gathers who used to live in forest and river banks. Their total population is 82 in the whole world consisting of only 21 household which is in Hadikhola-7. During 2001 by NFDIN through the resettlement programme resettled the Bankariya people in Chandre Dada of Makawanpur district in which NIWF supported the community in its initial phase of resettlement. NIWF during the initial phase has helped 21 Bankariya people to get Nepali citizenship through the concerned government authorities. During 2012 they were again resettled at their present location with the help of Government of Nepal by providing them with lands and incentives. The community lacks basic necessity such as electricity, health facility, water, sanitation, education and are living in economically poor condition.

Date: 30 Sep 2015