NIWF and WOREC jointly organise the National Consultation on the “Implementation of BPfA+25

On 10th July 2019, National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) and Women Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) jointly organised National Consultation on the “Implementation of Beijing Declaration of Platform for Action (BPFA)+25” at Hotel Manang, Kathmandu.
The consultation was mainly focused on the analysis of achievements, implementation, challenges and recommendations on four critical areas of concerns viz. Women and Health, Violence Against Women and Girl Child, Women in Power and Decision Making and Girl Child in Nepal. The consultation ensured the participation from ten districts, covering seven provinces. In total, more than seventy five participants from different CSOs, INGOs, Women activists, indigenous women activists working on various issues gave their inputs and expertise during the consultation programme. The consultation was able to bring the issues of intersectionality among women in Nepal, raising the existing situation of disabled women, women in entertainment sector, LGBTQ+, indigenous women, Dalit women and many more.